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  • 劉 雪琴, 金 明哲(2017). 入院する前に宇野浩二の文体は既に変わっていたのか, 情報知識学,27(3):245-260.
  • Xueqin Liu and Mingzhe Jin (2017). Stylistic Analysis of Kōji Uno’s Works Based on Data, The 2nd International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications.
  • Xueqin Liu and Mingzhe Jin (2017). The Changes Over Time in Koji Uno’s Writing Style, Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies.
  • 劉 雪琴, 金 明哲(2017). 宇野文学における経時的な文体変化に関する計量分析. 行動計量学会第45回大会発表論文抄録集.1-6.
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  • Xueqin Liu and Mingzhe Jin(2016). Quantitative Analysis of Uno Kouji's Works before and after the Disease. The 7th International Forum on Statistics of Renmin University of China.
  • Xueqin Liu and Mingzhe Jin (2016). Astatistical analysis of Uno Kouji’s writing style, The 8th Applied Statistics & Management Engineering Summit, CD-ROM-GEN0048(8p).
  • 劉 雪琴, 金 明哲(2015).宇野浩二の文体変化に関する計量的分析. 日本行動計量学会第43回大会発表論文抄録集. 214-215,
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